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Difference between AC Fan and DC Fan

2021-09-18 09:32 BWIN欢迎您 PV 873

Huitong Electronics explains in detail the differences between DC fans and AC fans.

DC fans are different from AC fans. DC fans are widely used in electronic and electrical equipment. And AC fans are mostly indoor. DC fans supply DC power and AC fans supply AC power.

The former is based on the principle of DC fan operation: through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, which drives the blade rolling, relying on coil and IC switching, induction magnetic ring to drive the blade rotation.

The latter AC fan operating principle: driven by AC power supply, the voltage will alternate positively and negatively, totally independent of circuit control, generating magnetic field. When the frequency of power supply is fixed, the speed of magnetic pole change in silicon steel sheet is determined by the frequency of power supply. The faster the switching speed of high frequency magnetic field is, the faster the speed will be.

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