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Common Bearing Types

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Common Bearing Types 

In recent years, the major radiator manufacturers in the bearing aspect of new technology, such as nano-ceramic bearings, Raffle bearings and so on, are also improved on these basic forms of bearings, the operation principle is still unchanged. Oil bearing and ball bearing are mainly used in common fan radiator.

Oily bearing: Sleeve bearing with sliding friction, lubricating oil as lubricant and drag reducing agent, low noise and low manufacturing cost in initial use, but this kind of bearing has serious wear and tear, and its life is much shorter than that of ball bearing. Moreover, because of the oil seal, the lubricating oil will evaporate gradually, and dust will enter the bearing, which will cause problems such as fan speed slowing down, noise increasing, and severe vibration caused by bearing wear and tear.

Single Ball Bearing: It is an improvement of the traditional oil bearing. It adopts the mixed form of sliding friction and rolling friction. In fact, it uses a ball bearing with an oil bearing to reduce the cost of double balls. Its rotor and stator are lubricated with balls and lubricated with lubricating oil. It overcomes the shortcomings of short life and unstable operation of oil bearing, and the cost rise is very limited. Single ball bearings absorb the advantages of oil bearing and double ball bearing. Low noise and long life are the characteristics of single ball bearings. The service life of bearings is increased to 40,000 hours.

Double Ball Bearing: It belongs to a relatively high-grade bearing. It adopts the form of rolling friction and adopts two ball bearings. There are several tiny steel balls in the bearing around the axis. When the fan page or the axis rotates, the steel balls rotate along with it.。 Because they are all spheres, the friction force is relatively small, and there is no oil leakage problem. The advantage of double ball bearings is long service life, about 50,000-100,000 hours. Good anti-aging performance, suitable for fans with high rotation speed.

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